Thursday 17th September 2015


Overcast start to the day today.  Little or no wind though which will be a bonus for the fly caster. Not quite like it was last week, however the wind may pick up during the day to be quite gusty. Most anglers are still calling into the store saying they are having very little trouble in catching fish .... best tell the Boss you feel sick ;-)



(Above) How good are you at spotting fish? Can you see the one in the picture above.

(Below) If you struggled to see the fish above then how about with a little bit of help.  The head is actually under the log.


(Below) See .... I told you the head was there !  I let this fish go and it swam off under the log and sat there for a while ... just long enough for me to get a few pictures.


(Below) This was another fish I let go that held in the shallows for a while .... kind of reminds me of Jaws !


(Below) With the wind that we had last week, we ended up with some interesting cloud formations. Because of the hills surrounding Turangi we occasionally get some good displays of cloud formations. Mostly UFO ( lenticular ones) but this is one I haven't seen before.  I titled this photo "Ghost of the Hindenberg"



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