Saturday 17th September 2016


Overcast with light drizzly rain falling. The Tongariro is flowing at about 34 cumecs as of 9:00am and is highly fishable. This may change later due to the planned recreational release. 

Andrew reports not many anglers on the Tongariro around the town pools this morning.... more like zero, however a report from another angler down in the lower river indicates heaps of anglers. 

(Below) I received this email yesterday thanks to Bill. Bill writes:

I caught this very Feisty Jack yesterday in the Major Jones and was surprised to find it had already been hooked at least twice before. I have caught the odd Fish before to find a fly stuck in its jaw, but never have I seen two sets. It had taken a wet fly with a 2 metre trace still attached plus it had taken someone's egg pattern with the bomb still attached. Being such a good Fish I decided it deserved to live and removed it's apparel and sent it on its way upstream. If anyone recognises these flies, I'm happy to return them.
Bill from Papamoa.


fly catch in tongariro.jpg



ryan1belcher tongariro 17092016.jpg

(Above & Below) Ryan Belcher with some rainbows he has already caught on the Tongariro this morning. 

ryan2belcher tongariro 17092016.jpg

(Below) Another of Ryan's rainbows.

ryan3belcher tongariro 17092016.jpg

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