Tuesday 17th October 2017


Fine and sunny.... just a cool nip to the air. It was really windy yesterday.  The wind may increase during the day.  All rivers are fishable.

Still plenty of fish being caught in the Tongariro.  Best try glo bugs at either end of the day and natural nymphs during the day. It appears caddis may be starting to hatch now with fish rising just on dark being reported.

I've been getting a bit bored with catching fish fly fishing in the river, so have tried fishing the Tokaanu Tailrace a bit. I used to fish there quite a few years ago.  I have looked at doing a bit of spinning. Spinning is quite enjoyable as you can cast a million miles ... even when bushes are behind you. It is quite therapeutic punching out a spinning lure and winding it back in.

There are quite a few trout in the Tailrace.  I have encountered quite a few browns over the years and they mostly feed on smelt and over the summer will rise to take dries such as beetles. 

There are plenty of catfish at the mouth where it enters Lake Taupo too.  Fishing for catfish is great fun for the kids.

tokaanu tailrace 3 fish october 2017.jpg

(Above) The Tokaanu Powerstation.  The big pipes running down the hill contain the water to run the turbines.  This water comes through from Lake Rotoaira.  There is no fishing for 110m immediately below the power station as this is too dangerous (consult your Taupo Fishery regulations).  Sometimes I have been fishing and they have let some water go and a "roosters tail" of white water shoots up way out from the powerstation with a deafening noise. 

(Below) Spinning is permitted in the tailrace. You can also fly fish, use spinning lures and bubble floats.  If you are using a boat you must be anchored. Remember that no treble hooks can be used in the Taupo Fishery.

tokaanu tailrace 2 fish october 2017.jpg

(Below) Catfish proliferate at the mouth of the Tailrace.  I have also caught them on a fly up by the Powerstation. They usually hug the edges and are in the shallower water. Normally the catfish are only about 25-30cm long. Considered a pest species they should be removed for the waterway.  I usually dispatch them and then put them in my compost.

tokaanu tailrace 1 fish october 2017.jpg

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