Tuesday 17th November 2015


Now that the rain has gone, the sun has come out and the wind has picked up to become quite gusty and blustery. At least the sun is out.

We had an angler call into the shop yesterday to get a fish weighed. It was a nice silver brown trout that he caught trolling out in Lake Taupo. It weighed in at 7.75 lbs. It was such a nice looking fish with a pale white belly. He took it off to the taxidermist.

There appear to be quite a few browns getting caught out in Lake Taupo at present.  Over the years I have found that there seems to be a window of opportunity for boaties when they get caught and then it seems as if they disappear (most likely move into the rivers) or move to shallower margins to feed out of range of the boats. 

These sorts of fish will be moving into the Tongariro over the next few months.


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