Thursday 17th November 2016


Overcast with sun making an appearance. No wind as of 9:45am however this may pick up as the sun comes out.  The Tongariro is up a bit and Andrew reports a silty milky grey colour.  Better to possibly fish mid day onwards, however rain, thunder and hail is forecast for later in the day. 

The river has been a bit up and down like a yoyo over the last week, however anglers got out on the river yesterday afternoon and did quite well nymphing.  I guess with these unsettled conditions you just have to take a punt and take any opportunity while you can.

Andrew was out last night with Alistair to check to see if there was an evening rise.  They caught some fish nymphing and Andrew said there was a short rise only. 

(Below) Alistair landed this 6.5lb brown trout in the Tongariro River yesterday evening.

tongariro river borwn king 16112016.jpg

(Below) The Tongariro as of 8:00am this morning.

tongariro river hydro pool 17112016.jpg

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