Monday 18th January 2016


Overcast and humid start to the day today. Light drizzle falling.  A slight breeze at this stage.  All rivers are fishable. 

Over the last week boat anglers have reported much better fishing, especially jigging with a lot more smelt reported and better conditioned fish. 

The weather has turned to the hot side with the humidity creeping up.  This appears to be a bonus for the insects. Last week I saw a huge green beetle, commonly referred to as a Christmas Beetle or Mumu Chafer. The picture below gives you some idea of the size compared to the normal green beetle which is only about 1/4 the size of this one. 


(Below) With the humidity creeping up an the temperatures on the higher side I have seen more and more cicada husks like this one appearing. They appear to crawl out of the ground and climb the nearest structure to hatch out. These things look like they would make a good nastie for a Sci Fi movie ! As kids we used to take an ice cream container and look around to collect as many as we could. 


(Below) Didymo Dave called in to see us the other day with a load of aluminium cans that he managed to collect.  He utilizes them to recycle and put the proceeds towards his Environmental projects ie Weed Destruction and Pest Control.



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