Wednesday 18th January 2017


Overcast start to the day here in Turangi today. Lights winds as of 9:30am ... this may increase during the day. Wow!! It has been windy for months now. It would be nice to have a calm day at some stage.  In saying that, the anglers have persevered and just gone fishing. The fishing has been pretty good considering the weather.  

I went for a stroll along the Tongariro River yesterday after work and came across the odd angler.  I also spotted a few good sized brown trout. The odd cicada was chirping as well. 

tongariro river stag pool 17012017.jpg

(Above) Looking upstream to the Stag Pool from the cliff above Slab Alley / Cicada Pool.

(Below) Looking downstream to the Admirals Pool and way in the yonder ... the Kamahi Pool.

It was a nice evening to wander along the river yesterday. Beat the feet to "spot the meat"!

tongariro river stag pool down 17012017.jpg

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