Thursday 18th January 2018


Overcast with the odd bit of rain falling at times. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is fishable flowing at about 33 cumecs.

A little bit of delayed coverage from Monday / Tuesday.

I managed to get out for a few flicks after work.  The temperatures had been getting pretty hot.  It got up to 31 degrees at lunchtime the other day.  I decided it was too hot to wear waders so I braved the mosquitoes with bare legs.

(Below) By the time I got the camera the temperature dropped back .1 of a degree to 30.9 degrees celcius.

turangi fishing 3 jared 15012018.jpg

(Below) Nice long grass on the walk up to the Kamahi Pool the other evening. The mountain range in the background is the Umukarikairi Range.

turangi fishing 1 jared 14012018.jpg


Quite a few Sammuel the Sardine aka "Sammy the Sardines" are turning up now most of these are about 6-8 inches long.  They are voracious feeders and will attack the flies before the big ones.  If there are not too many floods they usually proliferate the river for the next month or two, then all of a sudden they seem to disappear.  The smaller rainbows make good food for the big browns that will cruise the river over the next few months.


turangi fishing 2 jared 14012018.jpg

(Above & Below) They may be small but they are feisty ! Their eyes are usually bigger than their bellies !!

turangi fishing 5 jared 15012018.jpg


turangi fishing 4 jared 15012018.jpg

(Above) I hooked this fish the other evening on the caddis nymph.

turangi fishing 6 jared 15012018.jpg

(Above) Most people had been reporting the evening rise as quite slow so I braved the cold and mosquitoes with no waders to stay out and see if I could see anything rising. One fish jumped out of the water in front of me so I changed to the dry and about three casts later I landed this rather large rainbow jack. This one took a Parachute Mayfly. The beauty with no waders on I felt some things crawling on my legs which happened to be Caddis Adults so I changed to a Sporting Caddis and then hooked a monster of a fish which smoked me !

(Below) I also landed this good sized rainbow on the Sporting Caddis .... the downside to fishing with no waders was the fact that the caddis were crawling all over my legs driving me mad.  In between casting I had to keep slapping them off my legs !

turangi fishing 7 jared 15012018.jpg



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