Friday 18th March 2016


Overcast with light drizzly rain falling. Light winds.  The Tongariro is still clear and fishable. This is just a nice bit of rain to put a very slight amount of cooler water into the river. This should trick a few fish into possibly moving upriver. 

The odd reports over the last week has seen some fresh little rainbows show up. More should start to trickle into the rivers as we head further into the Autumn.

Wetliners still doing quite well. 

We received these photos and email late yesterday afternoon of a little bit of delayed coverage thanks to Lars's Secretary /  Fishing Widow ......

The Secretary writes:

Dear Jared,
Here I am acting in the role of Lars' secretary; I did pass on your message but he seems to spend every waking hour at the river, hence the photos I'm attaching of today's catch.
Hope all is well (I think it may be your day off, so I trust you're relaxing).
All the best,






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