Saturday 18th March 2017


Fine and sunny here in Turangi this morning.  A heavy dew on the ground. No wind. All rivers should be highly fishable today.  Get out there and give it a go. 

The weather has been stunning over the week .... the Summer we never had ..... fast approaching Winter though as the days are getting noticeably shorter.  March is usually one of my favourite times of the year to fish the river as you still get rising fish ... the hot sweaty days of the Summer are replaced by nice warm days that have just a hint of crispness to them and they feel fresh. Big browns are in the river. The first of the rainbows have started to run. You get feeding fish and most people have gone back to work and others are waiting until Winter until "the fishing gets good"??  Lake Taupo is usually calm and the scenery is stunning for those heading out on Lake Taupo to fish. 

Here are the pictures promised the other day from John who works in the shop.  He was out on Lake Taupo before work the other morning doing some harling and trolling and caught these nice conditioned rainbows.  The rainbow below was a stunning looking fish with some great condition.  I'm thinking some anglers going to be smoked in the river this year ... 10lb nylon sales might be the go this year.

harling and trolling 2 lake taupo john ooi march 2017.jpg


harling and trolling 1 lake taupo john oii march 2017.jpg 

(Below) We had local angler Graham Hamilton call into the shop just before lunch today who had a good morning out on Lake Taupo. He was heaving and leaving and managed to secure these three nice fish.

graham hamilton heave and leave lake taupo 18032017.jpg





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