Was that Pitter Patter i hear??


I went to sleep last night with the most ease in weeks. Lying in bed about to doze of with "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones playing lightly in the background, I hear for the first time in a while, the first 2 slow "tinks" on my sun worn roof, the 2 "'tinks" then followed by the much anticipated by myself mini deluge of rainfall. I went to sleep with that soothing sound and a smile on my face, knowing there will be some fish on the move tonight.


Its another cracker day looking out the shop window and a saw tinge of colour in the Tongariro as I was rising to work this morning along the river trail.


It wasn't to packed early on which surprised me being the first week of school holidays. It might be an idea today if you're going to get on the river to take a Floating Line and a Wet Line and mix up your Nymphing and Streamer Fishing. There a re still a good number of Browns holding on the edges and in the Braided water around rocks and obstructions, but still very fishable too.


I spent the day with shop regulars Alisitar and Kelvin yesterday and we had a slow day on the Tongariro. I managed to hook a fresh looking Rainbow hen on a fast retrieve using a Shooting Head Line at a 5ips sink rate paired up with an Olive Viking Fly which has been my go to streamer of late (Thanks to Kelvin for this fly).  I spotted a couple of nice Browns on the edge and i tried to position myself above them (with much care, stealth and precision of course) and swing my fly into line and strip it back bast them to induce a take. The inside Brownie accepted my challenge and took the streamer, shot off straight through and myriad of sunken logs, branches and whatever other obstruction he could make use of. Broke me off in seconds, then proceeded to settle a few feet away from my feet as if to say "not this time boy". Brownie 1 - Andrew 0.



 Delta Trip.jpg 

 Myself, Kelvin and the Delta King have a play on the Lake




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