Friday 18th May 2018


Overcast.  Cool. No wind as of 10:00am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable today. 

It looks like there are some nice rainbows in the Tongariro at present. Most of these look to have been caught swinging a wetfly.  Not many reports from the nymphers at present ... however being a nymphamaniac myself I would say there are always opportunities to catch some good fish .... try a caddis in some of the faster water to break away from the traditional natural pattern glo bug .... this might actually work.  Also be prepared to change your fly to something different and fish through the water that you have just been through.  This has worked for me in the past. Pay attention to getting your drift right and make sure your leader length will actually get on the bottom where you are fishing.

(Below) Andrew landed this nice fresh run rainbow from the Tongariro River yesteday during his lunchbreak. He was testing out some lines on the #7 Sage X for single hand spey fishing. 

sporting life turangi 1 single hand spey fishing 17052018.jpg

(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from Wednesday thanks to Peter Carty who caught this Spey fishing on the Tongariro River.

peter carty tongariro river rainbow trout 1 spey fishing 16052018.jpg


(Below) Ian Muntz sent in this picture yesterday from a 5.5lb rainbow that he caught up at Lake Otamangakau. Don't forget that Lake Otamangakau closes for the season on the 31st of May.

ian muntz lake otamangakau may 2018.jpg



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