Monday 18th July 2016


Fine and sunny start to the day.  Cloud increasing.  Wind calm but increasing to gusting during the day. All rivers are fishable.

With the wind the way it has been anglers have decided to seek sheltered water or stay inside to relax by the fire !  Why not ... either that or you could work ??

Most others for the holiday are heading up to Mt Ruapehu to seek some snow to play in. This has been a little on the late side this year.  I'm wondering if we are going to be in for a rough Spring with plenty of passing fronts and snow/hail showers?  Still a long way off yet and lots can happen between now and the Spring. 

General reports for the Tongariro River are a few getting some fish with others not touching a "thing" apart from a few bushes behind them or snags in the river ;-)

Going "looking" or fishing through water may make you a little more successful .... take on the "hunting approach"  go hunting for them.

(Below) Now here is a fishy story for you. Rob and Bill Grace went fishing at the Delta this morning.  Sitting on the same boat, they got a hook up at the same time ..... upon playing the fish they seemed to find their rods dipped at the same time ..... they eventually landed the fish and found that their heaves were both inside the mouth of the fish below. It had swallowed both of them.  They were wondering if their flies were close together and it hoovered them up. 

Rob is holding a nice looking jack that looks like it was ready to run !

lake taupo delta fishing bill grace 18072016.jpg

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