Tuesday, 18th July 2017


Overcast here in Turangi this morning. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is running 46 cumecs and is coloured but fishable. This is due to some heavy overnight rain. This colour should be a boomer for those nymphers using glo bugs and also for the wetliners. Best get out and give it a nudge .... don't wait until it gets too clear.

A little bit more delayed coverage from when I was out on the river on Saturday.

 tongariro 1 river nymph fishing 15072017.jpg

(Above) This is the run just below the Sand Pool. This part of the river never seems to change much.

tongariro 2 river nymph fishing 15072017.jpg

(Above & Below) Quite a few of the fish I have landed over the last few times out have taken the Bomb fly.  Not necessarily the same fly but they seem to have been going for the bigger flies at times. One of the other fish I caught took my pheasant tail bomb with two pieces of split shot in front of it.

tongariro 3 river nymph fishing 15072017.jpg


tongariro 4 river nymph fishing 15072017.jpg

(Above & Below) The Rock of Gibralter ?  Nope  "The rock of the Boulder". This is the rock below the Boulder Pool and above the Big Bend. It will take a fair amount of water to shift this thing.  

tongariro 5 river nymph fishing 15072017.jpg

(Above) Looking upstream to the Boulder Pool not to be confused with the "Boulder Reach" upstream of the Red Hut Pool.

tongariro 6 river nymph fishing 15072017.jpg


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