Thursday 18th August 2016


Fine and frosty start to the day in Turangi today.  A -2.4 degree frost to start the day. No wind. All rivers are clear and fishable.

Wow!! This is just a fantastic day today.  Great for getting out and spotting fish and fishing to them. An early bird should catch the worm but if you can handle frozen guides on your rod and fingers that you can't operate then you should be into fish at first light. These conditions are ideal to wander the river spotting fish and seeing where they sit.  Also a good chance to fish the smaller rivers and find out where all of the snags are.

If not, have a sleep in and head out when the sun is up and it is much warmer (about 9-10am). 


fly fishing new zealand tauranga taupo 1 river 16082016.jpg

(Above & Below) Andrew was out fishing the Tauranga-Taupo on Tuesday with Bryce Curle.  This is a nice fresh silver rainbow landed. It was a good day to get some exercise and wear off some of those Turangi pies !!

fly fishing new zealand tauranga taupo 2 river 16082016.jpg


fly fishing tongariro river cliff pool 09082016.jpg

(Above) These photos are from the other day I went fishing in the upper river.  This is the "Cliff" from the Cliff Pool.

(Below) Quite an interesting shot here. Check out the stony base to the cliff.  The cliff is made of volcanic pumice and you can see layers in there from various eruptions. The interesting thing is the round river stones you can see underneath the pumice.  This must have been a river before any of the eruptions.

fly fishing tongariro river cliff pool up 09082016.jpg

(Below) Check out the flatness of the transition between the river stones and the pumice on top.

fly fishing tongariro river cliff pool close 09082016.jpg

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