Friday, 18th August 2017


Overcast with the odd spot of clear blue sky. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is fishable and still flowing at about 50 cumecs.  We got some good heavy rain yesterday evening and this brought the river up close to 70 cumecs overnight but has dropped back to 50 once again.  The ground is that saturated that it is going to be a while for it to drain.  Also due to a lack of sunshine to evaporate and wind to dry things are pretty damp.

The Tongariro has still fished pretty good in these higher conditions, especially with the wetline and for the nymphers who hit the right spot. Seems to have been plenty of jacks caught.

I spotted my first Cherry Blossom yesterday.  The Cherry trees are just starting to sprout leaves, also for those hay fever sufferers, the pollen has started. Not too far until the 1st September which heralds the official start of Spring ... and also the opening of Lake Rotoaira.  Better check your dry flies as September is usually the month fish may start rising to Mayflies.

Peter Carty was out on the Tongariro on Wednesday and landed this really nice fat silver hen on his Redington Chromer Switch rod using an intruder fly that he tied.

peter carty switch 1 rod august 2017.jpg


peter carty switch 2 rod august 2017.jpg

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