Tuesday 18th August 2015


What a contrast from yesterday, sunny and beautiful day was what we enjoyed yesterday, but when I woke up this morning it was a red morning and sure enough its cloudy with the occasional spit of rain. But a little rain can be the best thing in the river, so grab your rain coat and a takeaway coffee and settle in for some good fishing.

I went for a small walk down to the Tongariro Bridge this morning to check out the river and found quite a few anglers down there some in the water, some on the rocks chatting waiting for there time in the river. The water had slight colour to it, and I saw that the anglers using natural flies. There is a bit of road works happening on and around the Tongariro Bridge at the moment so just be mindful when around that area.

Had a nice angler come in this morning wanting us to weigh his trout. He got a nice Rainbow Jack 6.5 pound, using a glo bug. He was pretty chuffed with himself, and rightly so! Picture below.



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