Sunday 18th October 2015


The day is drizzly and overcast today but at this stage no wind .... sadly I have to say there are more people watching the rugby this morning than what will be fishing .... you can always watch a replay or hear the results on the news ? This brings back memories of when games were televised on normal TV on a Saturday.  The rivers would be chokka with anglers until just before the game was due to start and then for some funny reason they all vacated the river to go and watch the game at the local pub. That was my cue to stay fishing in relative peace and quiet and catch lots of fish ;-)

Speaking of drizzle we are now moving into the wetter part of Spring and my memories of being a child living in the area usually always dictated that as soon as Guy Fawkes night would roll around (5th Nov) we always seemed to get either rain or drizzle which put a dampener on trying to light the old "Double Happys" with a lighter which would always get wet and the blisters at the end of the thumbs that would be a result trying to roll the drum on the lighter 50 plus times to get it to go (ahh the fun we had as kids with lighters!!). Ahh the fun we had with fireworks that we could actually light ourselves !!

Temperatures usually begin to increase as we head into November and the grass and vegetation along the rivers usually start to take off over this time. Blackberries will be starting to send out new shoots which seem to grow across tracks almost overnight ! We should see a few more Mayflies hatch and also the caddis should be starting up hatching in the evenings very soon if not having started already ..... haven't really had the enthusiasm to head out to see recently due to the wind !  The wind usually puts a dampener on the rise as it tends to blow the insects off the water and makes it pretty hard to get your fly where you want it to go !!

The picture below was of the biggest catch on Friday that I had heard off. Looks painful but really feels nothing more than a Giant Skeeta biting you ;-) "Double Happys" exploding at the ends of your fingertips before having a chance to throw them hurt more ;-) In actual fact, the blisters hurt more coz the buzz of the explosion took away the pain ;-) ..... the blisters lasted for a week !





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