Tuesday 18th October 2016


Fine and sunny start to the morning with some cloud about. Calm first thing this morning.  The wind may pick up mid day. All rivers are fishable today. 

The wind over the last few days has been causing a few issues. Quite strong at times. Usual story when we seem to get to dry fly fishing time in the Spring !!! Just have to go to see if where you are fishing is sheltered or not .... and / or wait between gusts to cast !

fly fishing tongariro river major 1 jones 18102016.jpg

(Above) Looking upstream to the Major Jones Swing Bridge in the distance at 1:00pm today

(Below) Just one angler fishing the Major Jones Pool that I could see...... what a nice day .... I could do with some volunteers to work for me ... so I can get to take advantage of a nice river ???

fly fishing tongariro river major 2 jones 18102016.jpg


fly fishing tongariro river major 3 jones 18102016.jpg

(Above & Below) I took the picture above to see if there was much difference to the one below.  In the picture below I put my polarized sunglasses in front of the camera lens. The polarizing lens cuts quite a bit of glare off the surface of the water and is a definite advantage when it comes to helping spot fish. The other thing sunglasses do is protect your eyes from wayward hooks .... a good safety measure.

fly fishing tongariro river major 4 jones 18102016.jpg

(Below) A good reason to wear sunglasses that I mentioned above.  This was a picture that I took way back in 2002 .... a very lucky man !!





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