Monday 18th November 2015


Pretty average weather this morning. The day started off nice and sunny and calm but the wind has picked up a little bit now and a few clouds have appeared. We had gale force winds last night here in Turangi !!  I would have to say that this has definitely been a windy Spring so far. Not so much rain but more wind. The wind tends to dry the place out pretty quickly. 

I spoke to the angler who caught the nice brown out in Lake Taupo the other day and he said that yesterday morning he couldn't miss with catching fish. He said half were recovering or spent and the others were nice fish. He indicated that he was harling. I haven't heard a "peep" out of the jiggers yet ..... I wonder if it is because the lake is so high that with the extra water they might not be able to get their lures to the bottom ? ;-) 

With the harling it might pay to try the shallow margins or over the weed beds. 

Once I get the lawns and gardens under control I might have to see what is happening for the evening rise !

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