Friday 18th November 2016


Fine and sunny.  Gusty strong wind SW as of 8:30am. It seems when the rain disappears the wind comes out. The Tongariro is flowing at 42 cumecs this morning and is highly fishable with a nice emerald green colour.

(Below) The highly fishable Tongariro River at about 8:00am this morning. A nice looking colour. 

tongariro river hydro pool 18112016.jpg

(Below) These photos we have titled "When Fish Fight Back!"

when fish fight back 1.jpg

(Above) Billy Thrupp with fine facial features in this picture. Smile ... your on candid camera !

(Below) Pete reading the tea leaves in the palm of his hand !

when fish fight back 2.jpg

(Below) Andrew about to poke the fish with his invisible Harry Potter wizard wand.

when fish fight back 3.jpg

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