Friday 18th December 2015


Wow ! What a day it was yesterday.  Thought we were back in Winter.  Today I woke to find the sky bright blue with not a cloud in the sky ... and ... no wind !!!  As I am writing this the breeze is picking up. The media are reporting the warmest year on record but for some unknown reason my body has never been as cold as this year ??? 

I spoke to one poor soul who went out for the evening rise last night (who congratulations to him for sticking it out) was rewarded with fish rising and he caught something ! I like that dedication !!! He brought some gloves to keep his hands warm!

This rain should put some nice fresh cooler water into all of the rivers.  This may induce some fresh run fish.  This will possibly move more browns up river as well.  If some of the smaller rivers have colour then this should increase your chances at catching fish on the nymph or wetfly. 

I received this email and photo this morning thanks to Chris King.  Chris writes:

Which Pool is This ?

Hi Graham / Kathy / Jared - can you tell from the carefully hidden background which pool this came out of? Is that the shoulder of Mt Tongariro on the right?

Err …. No.

Yeah, you can probably tell it’s not NZ neither is it a nice silver rainbow, but it was caught on a reel and line that the shop spooled up for me a year ago, originally intended for salt water fishing it found good use in Canada. Saw a lot of the backing on a number of occasions. How big? Only about 9 lb, but 9 lb of dynamite! Returned to continue her spawning run …. if the bears didn’t get her!
Have a great X’mas and New Year, Chris.

christopher king.jpg

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