Thursday 18th May 2017


2:00pm  The Tongariro has come up and flooded  ... currently flowing at about 156 cumecs and unfishable. If it doesn't rain too much then it should be fishable tomorrow.  Reports that a parking warden and traffic lights need to be stuck around the Hinemaiaia today from the number of anglers seeking some clear water to fish. 


Overcast with steady rain falling. Strongish NW / W wind.  The Tongariro is fishable but looked to contain a milky green colour.  Great for nymphing and wetlining. 

I know how a fish feels today .... wet, everything is wet ... and if you didn't think anything was wet, well then it is wet !!!!

I went down to the Bridge to check out the river and could hardly take a photo or keep the lense dry.  The wind was blowing the rain straight into the lense.  The river was fishable at 8:00am.  Had a bit of colour to it.  Ideal for the wetline and for the glo buggers. This may increase in volume during the day. 

(Below) Just one angler fishing below the S.H.1 bridge this morning. 

fly fishing 1 tongariro river new zealand 18052017.jpg

(Below) Looking downstream and two more anglers were further down in the "Old Bridge Pool" opposite the rock wall. 

Andrew had an awesome day fishing yesterday and it appears some cracker fish are on the move up river.

fly fishing 2 tongariro river new zealand 18052017.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream from the S.H.1 road bridge. The side channel by the Cliff has got a bit of flow moving through it. 

fly fishing 3 tongariro river new zealand 18052017.jpg

(Below) This picture and email was sent in thanks to Jenny Tracey. A sneaky Blue Duck was checking out the fishing. Jenny writes:

"Mr Whio the duck in the line up! Fishing obviously as well! Perfectly in line !"

We could call it the "Peeking Duck" checking out to see if there are any fish getting caught ;-)

blue duck fishing 17052017.jpg

(Below) Andrew was out and about with Russell Kennedy and Brent Hamilton yesterday and had a boomer day on the Tongariro. Check out a couple of pics of fish landed.  He said they caught 6 browns and a heap of rainbows. 

sporting life facebook 2 page 18052017.jpg

(Below) Russell with a "Werewolf Killer" .... commonly known as a "Silver Bullet"

sporting life facebook 1 page 18052017.jpg





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