Tuesday 19th January 2016


Wow! We got quite a bit of rain overnight.  This was nice to cool things off !!  The rivers are up and the Tongariro is currently unfishable. No reports on the other rivers at this stage but would suggest unfishable.  The Tongariro peaked at 103 cumecs here in town. If no more rain then the river should be fishable this afternoon albeit still with some colour. This will benefit the wetliners.

I received this email yesterday thanks to Lisa.  Lisa writes:

Hi Graham 

7 lb Brown caught harling off the Kuratau river mouth last Thursday morning 14th Jan.

Fletcher de Theirry age 11 with his dad Alastair de Thierry who did manage to hook the middle one :)


Lisa de Thierry


(Above) Check out this beastie ... the young fella looks pretty stoked ! The fish is almost bigger than what he is ;-)


(Below) The fish looks almost bigger than the shed !!!




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