Thursday 19th January 2017


Overcast with no wind as of 9:00am.  A few spots of rain but nothing serious just yet. Fairly humid too. As of 9:00am all the rivers are fishable. 

9:04am  Rain starting to fall heavy.

I received this email and three pictures yesterday thanks to P. Nut ( Mark). Sorry Mark but my direct line to the Almighty has been cut.  Unable to give ETA of wind disappearing.  Mark writes:

Hi Jared. Got a couple of nicely conditioned hens out Pukawa way this morning. Both weighed around 3lbs and had lovely orange flesh. Thought I'd send you a pic of them - mainly because one had an unusually shaped top lip. I recall that a couple of years ago, you also posted several photos of some unusual looking trout.
(PS - Any idea when this wind is going to disappear ??? It's like being back in Wellington...)
Regards - P.Nut 


hare 1 lip jan 2017.jpg

(Above) Two nice looking Lake Taupo rainbows caught by Mark. The one with the deformed lip is the bottom fish.

(Below) Nice flesh colour to the trout.

hare 2 lip jan 2017.jpg

(Below) The fish with the deformed upper lip.

hare 3 lip jan jan 2017.jpg

(Below) I took this picture way back in 2001. I have seen these deformities a bit over the last 16-17 years and it can be fairly common.  It does not occur in huge numbers of fish but the odd ones here and there. "Genetic" I hear you say ... if so then it would only appear either in rainbows or just in browns.  It occurs in both species.  We think more likely damage as it is in the egg stage of forming.  The fish below was of legal size back in 2001 and apart from the flattened nose appeared to be in good condition so one could say the fish adapt to their issues. This fish from memory was caught in one of the rivers flowing into Lake Taupo. 

hare lip 3deform04052001.jpg


hare lip rapalabrown04032009 1.JPG

(Above & Below) These photos were from 2009 and this brown was taken from Lake Otamangakau by Jens. A completely different water catchment from the rainbow in the picture above. This was a 6 or 7lb brown from memory and once again the fish got to a good size and never seems to suffer in condition.

hare lip rapalabrown04032009 2.JPG

(Below) Showing the curved lip in the upper jaw.

hare lip jensbrownmouth04032009.jpg

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