Friday 19th January 2018


Overcast, light drizzly rain falling. No wind as of 8:30am.  The Tongariro is flowing at about 45 cumecs. Andrew and Pete have been down to the Tongariro and said that the river looked VERY fishable. Basically clear with a tinge of colour. Super ideal for the wetline.

The cicadas have gone quiet now that it is overcast and raining. We need some more sunshine to hopefully get these to bust out in song again, however .... when are we going to see the sun ? It seems to be shaping up to one of those really fantastic Kiwi Summers yet again !!

I've been picking up from quite a few boaties over the last few weeks that they seem to be catching plenty of fish but quite a few of them are being reported as slabs / spent fish.  I'm wondering if quite a few got flushed out of the rivers with the higher water a week or so back. 

It will be interesting to see what this year brings to the rivers.  Going by the boaties my pick would be some really outstanding fish with a few returning fish possibly not quite up to scratch. 


12:00pm  The Boss reports that the Waimarino is coloured and the Tauranga-Taupo has some colour but is fishable if you know where to go


anglers in tongariro 1 river 19012018.jpg

(Above) Three anglers in the pool just below the S.H.1 road bridge at 1:00pm today. The river is basically clear with a nice dark olive colour to it.  I caught up and had a chat with the angler to the left of the picture and he said he had caught some nice fresh silver fish wetlining today in the river.  The angler in the middle of the picture was wet wading in a pair of shorts.

Anglers over the last week or so have reported some nice fresh rainbows in river since the flood.

(Below) Looking upstream from the S.H.1 road bridge at the same time.  Ideal conditions to fish today with few anglers that I saw out and about.

anglers in tongariro 2 river 19012018.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream from the S.H.1 road bridge towards the Judges Pool.

anglers in tongariro 3 river 19012018.jpg

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