Friday 19th February 2016


The day started off fine and sunny but the rain has set in again. The Tongariro has dropped right back down to just below 70 cumecs. This looks highly fishable to me.  I would break out the wetline and give it a burn.  Caution should still be taken wading at this flow but look for selected spots in the river and fish the edges.  If no more rain during the day then the river should be better this afternoon.  My saying "brown water, brown trout" should be the cue to keep fishing to catch a good brown or three.  Just be aware more rain is due so keep an eye on the levels possibly rising again.

(Below) This picture is from a few years ago and the level of the river was 58 cumecs and "brown".  These are the sorts of fish you may be likely to catch when it is like this. Most anglers that day got to the river, looked at it and walked away.




(Above & Below) Check out this ! My Roving Spy came in with these photos yesterday showing what he had seen just before the rain.  This pool was black with fish. 


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