A river to myself


Another cracker day here in Turangi, cloudless skies, minimal wind. Might be a good chance to get out and spot some Brownies lurking on the edges. That's my afternoon plan with a couple of Australians in tow. :) 

Its has surprised me how quiet it is on the river to start these school holidays, There was a couple fishing the Major Jones this morning in picturesque peacefulness, just the song of the river flow followed by my bellowing "Good Morning" all to be heard.

It looked like they were running some Nymphs through their beat, and as I walked away towards the shop I heard "ahhh bugger, dropped it". 

I'm still having most success with my Olive Woolly Buggers and Olive Vikings, on a fast retrieve and moderate success on the swing. Ive been setting up my position on the river based on where I think the fish will be sitting and aiming for the swing to cut right through their holding position to try and entice a take. Then retrieving my line at a fairly brisk pace again through where i think seems like a good spot to hangout if I were a Trout.

We had a few photos come in yesterday thanks to Brenda and I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone of the Check, Clean Dry Program to ensure our waterways stay clean for us and future generations. Check your gear, Wash your gear and dry your gear after you have been in the water. We have the detergent bottles here at the shop you can take with you and you efforts in this are much appreciated by all.

There were some concerns that these photos were didymo in the Tongariro but thankfully was confirmed as being an Algae.

In the first photo i noticed a few items from a trouts buffet. What can you spot?









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