Thursday 19th May 2016


Overcast with the odd patches of blue sky poking through. No rain as of 9:00am, may get passing showers. Slight breeze at present. The Tongariro is fishable at 24.5cumecs today. No report on the rivers north of Turangi yet. 

I managed to get out for a flick on Tuesday while it was nice and sunny .... these days they are my preferred days to fish. 

It was a pleasant day to be out and about. The wind was a little cool and breezy at times but ended up easing during the day.  The water had a touch of colour to it. I was nymphing and managed to catch a few fish. All were rainbows and the interesting thing is the majority of them took a glo bug.  The week before most took the naturals.  Also a few smaller "subway" fish were caught which I hadn't caught the week before. The bigger rainbows that I did catch also tended to be "long and lean" which could possibly be a reflection of what the boaties where saying over the Christmas / New Year break. I haven't encountered any fat fresh yet while nymphing.  Possibly the wetliners may have a different story ?


(Above) I went to have a look at the Major Jones Pool.  Normally I don't fish it for two reasons, 1 - Always someone there, 2 - I tend to leave the easy access water for those who are not so mobile, or the "Weekend Warriors" who only have a short amount of time to be able to fish. However on Tuesday no angler was there so I thought it would be nice to have a go. 

(Below) The "upper part" of the Major Jones Pool looking upstream to the Breakfast Pool. 




(Above & Below) I managed to land four fish here which was quite good. The bigger fish put up some great fights.  They still seem to be on the smaller side and still quite lean. They all seem to be around the 40cm mark.


(Below) Most fish I caught on Tuesday took a glo bug.  I was using a glo bug that I painted with a special UV paint and the fish just seemed to home in on it.




(Above & Below) I also caught a few "Subway" fish which I hadn't hooked the week before.




(Above & Below) I then relocated to the Birches Pool in the afternoon.  I had caught up with Paddy earlier in the day who told me there were no fish in there ...


(Below) Paddy ... there were some there alright ! These three are some you missed ;-)


Once again ..... "long and lean" is the best description that fits these fish



22jared11dayoff 17052016.jpg

(Below) The same fish as the one in the picture above.


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