Friday 19th May 2017


Fine and sunny with a STRONG gusty S to SW wind blowing.  The Tongariro is a milky colour but good for wetlining or nymphing. 

Wow !!!  Thought the house was going to take off and fly last night !!!  A good strong gusty wind blew most of the night.  The bonus today is that the sun is out. 

Might pay to seek some shelter from the wind.  Worth a look at the Hinemaiaia if it is like this, or walk the Tongariro to find any little calm spots.  Sometimes you might find a calm spot that is only 20m long by about 5m wide which allows you to at least get a cast in, or be prepared to cast at between 90-180 degrees offset from where you want the fly to land ;-)

Other options for a windy day is to wait between gusts to get a cast in or possibly look at a heavy sinking line.  Also if the wind is blowing onto the shoulder you cast from then be prepared to turn completely around and cast towards the bank letting go on the back cast into the river which allows the wind to blow the line away from you, or stay home and tie some flies for when it calms down.

(Below) Andrew was down by the river this morning doing the report for the Facebook page.  He was getting a little blown around due to the strong wind. The day is nice and sunny though.


fly fishing new zealand tongariro river windy 19052017.jpg

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