Wednesday, 19th July 2017


Overcast with high cloud. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is fishable at around 30 cumecs this morning.

The river came up yesterday and ended up being quite coloured. A few anglers did quite well and some others struggled a bit in these conditions. I was just talking with Peter Carty yesterday and we have noticed the nymphing has slowed down quite a bit but most anglers appear to be wetlining. We seem to be selling a lot more wetflies at the moment.

More rain is due for the rest of the week and also well into next weekend.  It appears our usual mid winter sunny dry spell is over and as we head to August and September we usually get more rain which ...... keeps the fish running as we head to the Spring.

We have a busy month ahead of us next month. Usually quite a few clubs make their annual pilgrimage to Turangi, we have Herb Spannagl holding a Roll Casting Clinic and we have the Winter Fly Fishing Fest with some other bits and pieces thrown into the mix as well.  The Annual Fireman Fishing competition is being held in September this year.

Over the years, numbers of fish continue to build over August, with September being a month that usually holds lots and lots of fish. However be aware of possible flooding.  This year seems to have been wetter so far, and if this continues we could continue to have higher water in the river over the Spring months.

We should also start to see a few recovering fish showing up from now on as well.  These ones may have entered the rivers two or three months ago to spawn and will be looking a little on the tired side.  

(Below) The Tongariro River today.  Nice and fishable on a grey overcast day with no wind. Looks like no anglers in the Hydro Pool while Andrew was doing the morning report for the Sporting Life Turangi Facebook Page. More rain is forecast for the rest of the week and looks to be even into next week.  This will keep fish on the move.

tongariro river 19072017.jpg

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