Thursday 19th July 2018


Overcast start to the day in Turangi today. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

There were reports of plenty of anglers on the Tongariro River yesterday with a few catching fish and others just going fishing.  Seems to be a few wetliners at the moment swinging .....  orange and red rabbits have been popular with the wildcard brown woolly bugger worth a burn.  Some of the nicer silver fish appear to be caught on the wetline with the nymph picking up the darker looking fish.

Fish are pretty much right throughout the river at present. The town pools and below have been popular but you still need to fish them correctly to catch fish. 

If nymphing try your glo bugs first but if you don't have any luck, don't be shy ... change to a natural nymph and cover the same water. Try a couple of fly changes and even check the length of your leader and the weight of nymph.  If no luck then ... try somewhere else.

(Below) Peter Carty was out on the Tongariro River yesterday swinging his Intruder flies and hooked this silver rainbow.

peter carty 1 tongariro river rainbow july 2018.jpg

(Below) The Intruder fly .... I wonder if he used a Lefty's Loop to attach it to the leader?

peter carty 1 tongariro river rainbow fly july 2018.jpg

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