Wednesday 19th August 2015


As predicted its raining here today, had a few fisherman in though and said that the river has a little bit of colour but not much, so hopefully with this rain comes a little colour in the water. I have also had a few anglers say that they are having more luck wet lining then nymphing and that there is no issue getting the fish on the line but what is the trick is the reeling them in. They seem to getting off the line before they manage to get them in. 

Glo bugs have been a popular choice it seems the last few days, and this morning we got in an order of quite a few different kinds of them, so if your waiting out this shower then pop in and check out the new range we have in store.

Also had a few boaties in this morning, after tobies and the like after the trout took their gear too, so sounds like there are some strong fish out there. Maybe make sure to do some good bicep work outs before you head out today!

We have the Fire Service Competition coming up next week, so if you have entered all the best for you guys! Have fun!! Be sure to send in photos of your catches to us, so that you can have your one day of fame on the website.

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