Friday 19th August 2016


Fine and sunny. A -2.6 degree frost to start the day today. No wind. All rivers are fishable. What a cracker run of weather.  This appears to be keeping anglers away who are most likely going to all turn up on the same day when it rains..... then go away complaining that the river is always busy (fish now if you want plenty of places to fish by yourself).

(Below) Local angler Graham Hamilton called in to the shop yesterday after lunch to show us what he had caught out in Lake Taupo yesterday.  He was totally amazed that he and one other were the only boats out fishing down at the Southern End of Lake Taupo .... we were wondering where all the retired people were ???  Fantastic weather for fishing out on the Lake and no one taking advantage of it ..... leave the chores for the crappy days and make the most of the fine, sunny calm days for getting out on Lake Taupo with a boat !!! These three fish were landed by Graham which shows what may be stacking off the mouth ready to run. The bottom fish was about 64cm long.


fly fishing new zealand lake taupo trout 18082016.jpg

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river above 1 cliff 09082016.jpg

(Above & Below) A little bit more delayed coverage from my outing on the Tongariro last week.  This should look exactly the same as today as the weather has been fine and sunny for a week.  This is a "no name" pool above the Cliff Pool. I liken it to fishing the "Back Country" by staying in the "Front Country"

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river above 2 cliff 09082016.jpg

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