Saturday, 19th August 2017


Overcast. No wind as of 9:30am.  The Tongariro remains at 50 cumecs and is fishable.

We were treated to possibly the 8th Wonder of the World yesterday .... can you guess what it was ?? Sunshine !!! We actually had a day of blue sky !! One angler said we should take a photo of the sun as we may never see it again !!!

Plenty of anglers still out on the river.  Most seem to be using the wetline / sinking line and doing quite well with the higher flows. Rabbits and Red Setters appear to be the main culprits here. The odd Gold Bead Olive Woolly Bugger thrown in the mix.

A few anglers have been venturing up the Tauranga-Taupo river and looking a little on the worn out side by the time they get back to the shop having fished up the river and then had "the long walk back" downriver.

It still appears most anglers passing through the shop are catching fish with some really good solid fish.

Had some anglers fishing on Lake Taupo over the last week and had caught some rather big fat fish.  They were trolling using orange / red lures which seem to have worked well and quite surprising some anglers are still picking fish up jigging.

This picture and email is thanks to Martin Boyle who sent this in yesterday .... I like the picture of his rod in the background ;-)

I am always on the lookout for photos so feel free to send them in ... doesn't have to be of fish ... can be of anything interesting for the local area ..... even ones where you take a sneaky pic of your mate asleep on the riverbank are usually quite good ;-)

Martin writes:


A 5 lb’er on the end of a “Rainbow Warrior” before release. Looks great blown up on my desktop. You should run a “best photo comp” every month exclusive of boots and rods. Enjoyed the Fest on Sat and need to get back up next week.


Martin Boyle

 martin boyle no boot but rod aug 2017.jpg

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