Tuesday 19th September 2017


Blue sky !!  Sunshine !!!! No wind as of 9:00am !!!!  The Tongariro is highly fishable for the nymph or wetline flowing at about 42 cumecs.

9:40am  A bit of a gusty breeze has got up.

Anglers are reporting a lot of jack fish at the moment. Most anglers are still taking out glo bugs if they are nymphing. Had some anglers reporting seeing some rising fish the other day.  As the month progresses you may see more Mayflies hatching.  Might have to dust off the dry fly box and keep it handy.

The other comment from anglers has been that the Tongariro still has quite a lot of slime on the rocks. Even though we have had some minor flushes we haven't had a really big flood to scour the slime off the rocks.  The slime makes it difficult for wading but is a bonus to hold nymphs. 

blue 1 sky 19092017.jpg

(Above) There you have it folks ..... the 8th Wonder of the World ..... blue sky !!!! Something we haven't seen much of here in Turangi for the last few months !! Think I might have been getting deficient in Vitamin D !! You must be getting sick of seeing photos of fish so this photo is to give you something different to see and may brighten your day !

(Below) More snow on the Umukarikari Ranges this morning .... Spring can be very unsettled here in Turangi ..... it can be terrible weather right up until Christmas.  I had an angler in the shop yesterday who asked me " is it cold at the moment ?" , I said "sure is" ... he said " I've just come back from Canada and it was 32 degrees over there !" 

We may not have Polar Bears here in Turangi but we do have "Brass Monkeys"  

blue 2 sky 19092017.jpg

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