Wednesday 19th October 2016


Fine to start the day today with some cloud about. A light cool breeze.  All rivers are fishable. The temperatures have warmed up a bit, especially in the afternoon.  Getting up to 20 degrees celcius .... good lawn growing conditions for those who own holiday homes here ;-)

Still seems to be a few anglers having a crack at the Tongariro River.  Quite a lot of fish around.  A good mixture of spent and fresh depending on where you go and what method you use. Some good reports of "wee wet" fishing ....

fly fishing taupo tongariro 1 river 19102016.jpg

(Above) Three anglers trying their "luck" just below the S.H.1 road bridge this morning. I wonder if any will have any "luck" .... or any "skill"?

(Below) An angler wetlining just above the S.H.1 road bridge today.  The Tongariro is nice and clear and fishable today.  The bonus is that it is not too windy.

fly fishing taupo tongariro 3 river 19102016.jpg

(Below) The trickle coming around the cliff just upstream from the S.H.1 road bridge. A few years ago the main flow was coming through here.

fly fishing taupo tongariro 2 river 19102016.jpg

(Below) The same place as above but in 2003.



(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage thanks to Dick Le Fort ..... from a secret pool !

zz Dick with a good looker from a secert pool.jpg

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