Thursday 19th October 2017


Fine and sunny.  No wind as of 10:00am.  This may pick up to quite strong from mid day.  All rivers are clear and fishable.

Been a bit busy in the shop over the last few days to get the reports pumped out. Quite a few anglers turning up first thing in the morning to get topped up on supplies before hitting the river for the day. 

Over the last few days the days have started off nice and calm but about mid day the wind has picked up to become really gusty and strong. This makes the fly fishing harder on the river to get your casts to where you want them to go.  

If you see rising fish then the wind can have the tendency to blow the insects off the water and seems to put the fish down ( except for when there are Passion Vine Hoppers and the wind blows them off the bushes) .

We are moving quite a bit of boat fishing gear and spinning gear at the moment.  Quite a few people hitting the likes of Lake Otamangakau and Kuratau with spinning gear.  Anglers are becoming more experimental in this department and are trying things like Rapala Lures ( just remember you can only use one single hook in the Taupo Fishery ... no treble hooks and you cannot use scented lures either ).  Other anglers are getting out trolling on Lake Taupo .. when there isn't too much wind with quite a few of these boat anglers trolling at present using black and gold toby, silver flash toby and pink flash toby.

We are possibly another month away from green beetles starting to hatch.

breakfast 1 pool 19102017.jpg

(Above)  Looking upstream to the Breakfast Pool at 1:00pm this afternoon.  How come on a fantastic day like today that I am working, I go down to the river and see virtually no one fishing ????

(Below) No one fishing the Major Jones Pool at lunchtime today.

breakfast 2 pool 19102017.jpg

(Below) One angler way down on the stony beach at the very tail of the Major Jones Pool.  Check out the quality of this day !!! Any volunteers want to wok for me today as well ??

breakfast 3 pool 19102017.jpg

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