Thursday 19th November 2015


Fine today with high cloud, a slight breeze at the time of writing this report this morning. All rivers are fishable.

Yesterday Yvette reported seeing quite a few green beetles down by the Tongariro River.  This is a good thing to see and appears to be a little early.  The other thing that tends to be "Hatching" at the moment is darned Blowflies !  

Last night the wind tapered off and it should have been an awesome night for an evening rise !! 

Another angler called into the shop yesterday to purchase a set of weigh scales and showed me a picture of a cracker brown trout that he caught out in Lake Taupo. This last week has seen quite a few caught by the boaties.  They look nice and silver in colour and some have had difficulty telling them apart from a rainbow. 

If unsure 

A. Bring in to show us and we will identify it for you, 

B. Rainbows tend to have a lot of SPOTS on their tails whereas the brown usually doesn't have any spots on its tail, 

C. Browns tend to have big SPOTS on their gill plates whereas rainbows don't.  

On the river front, yesterday I had an angler call into the shop who said he wasn't catching a thing but those all around him were pulling them out left, right and centre and said one angler he saw must have caught 12.

Take your pick what you want to do at present.  Nymph, Wet fly or Dry fly Fish !  

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