Monday 19th December 2016


Overcast with drizzly rain falling in Turangi this morning.  No wind as of 9:30am. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

Still some good rises happening on the Tongariro in the evenings. Most anglers are calling in getting Sporting Caddis or Goddard caddis but a few over the last week have also started taking out green beetles. Still some nice fresh fish coming through the Tongariro.  Andrew reports most fish caught have been a good size.  Not many juveniles showing up yet. We usually get plagued with them February through April. While waiting for the rise to happen it is still well worthwhile having a go at nymphing.  Seems to be plenty of fish still holding in the Tongariro.

Just had John Baker through the shop who got a nice 9lb brown with his client up at Lake Otamangakau the other day.  He said the fish are taking green beetles off the top. This one just smashed the beetle presented to it. This is Florian from Germany with a nice conditioned Lake O brown.


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