Wednesday 20th January 2016


An overcast start to the day with no wind. The Tongariro is at a fishable level today. Cicadas on the quiet side once again.  really need the constant sunshine and heat now.  They are usually quiet first thing in the morning until the heat gets up to get them active. They are easy targets for birds in the cooler temperatures. In years gone by you can end up seeing a lot of wings on the ground as the birds pluck the wings off before eating the tastey juicy morsel. The sunlight reflects on the wings on the cool dewy mornings.  The trout find them tasty too, as well as cats enjoy a good chomp on them.  When there are a lot of cicadas you take your life into your hands mowing the lawns as the frequency buzz of some lawn mowers attracts the cicadas and they bomb you !!

We received this email and photos yesterday thanks to Paul and Kath. I think there was a case of who's was bigger/heavier? A recent purchase of a set of scales will settle any further disputes ;-)

Saturday and today at the Big O. Kath's was 70cm and mine 62.





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