Friday 20th January 2017


Overcast, quite cool. Very little wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is highly fishable today ... possibly a tinge of colour. 

Yesterday kind of ended up probably being one of the best days we have had all Spring and Summer!!!  Apart from the rain there was little wind here in Turangi and then in the evening the Sun came out and it ended up being a nice day.  Once again Turangi with its little micro climate seemed to miss most of the weather.

(Below) Looking down to the S.H.1 road bridge yesterday evening after work. There was a good bit of rain in the morning which was just enough to dampen down the dust.  The river got just a tinge of colour to it late yesterday evening.  This should have put some fresh water into the river.  This may move some brown trout upstream. There were a few anglers out and about on the river last night.

tongariro river flyfishing bridge 1 pool 19012017.jpg

(Below) I went for a stroll over the hill.  This channel here used to be the main flow a few year ago. It is amazing how the river can change and how the vegetation grows.

tongariro river flyfishing bridge 4 pool 19012017.jpg

(Below) Looking down on the "Lonely" area.

tongariro river flyfishing bridge 2 pool 19012017.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream to the Judges Pool with Mt Pihanga in the background to the right.

tongariro river flyfishing bridge 3 pool 19012017.jpg


(Below) I received this photo and email yesterday thanks to Alan. These chaps have been coming out to NZ for years now to fish at Lake Otamangakau and try and secure one of its famed trophy fish.

Hi, my mate John Dawson has been trying for a big O double for 15 years.   He got one at last.    Cheers  Alan Williams  (Creel Lodge Royal Navy Crew)

royal 1 navy lake o big fish jan 2017.jpg


royal 2 navy lake o big fish jan 2017.jpg

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