Saturday 20th February 2016


A fine start to the day here in Turangi today. The Tongariro is highly fishable today. It has dropped right back down to about 30 cumecs.  

The Tongariro was fishable for most of the day yesterday even though it had colour to it. Most will have stayed away and not bothered fishing, however this would have been a great chance to catch some good sized brown trout. 

I went to have a look at the river yesterday evening after work.  Although a bit of milky colour the level was perfect for fishing. I only saw one keen angler in the Hydro Pool. 

Today the river should be even better than this in terms of colour but don't wait for it to get too clear though.


(Above) Looking downstream to the Breakfast Pool just after 6:00pm yesterday evening. (Below) Looking upstream to the Hydro Pool. The river contained a milky colour and was at a very highly fishable level. The colour of the water is better than the brown coloured water from the report of yesterday but the photo yesterday shows how it is even possible to catch fish in almost "dirt conditions". As you can see by this colour from these two photos that it should have been possible to catch a fish easily.  Few anglers took the opportunity. We sent one French angler out and he came back later in the day and said he hooked two and landed a about a 6lb brown. 




(Above & Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from just before the flooding of some rather small photos thanks to Jens Muller-Buckland.  He's finally worked out how to send them from his phone but must have got trigger happy in pushing what file size to send them at ;-) 


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