Monday 20th February 2017


Overcast with light drizzle at times. No wind.  The Tongariro is highly fishable. The fishing has been fantastic in the Tongariro over the weekend. There was some extra flow due to the rain from the end of last week .... also a touch of colour ... perfect conditions for the wetline and for nymphing. 

We dodged a bullet with the river only coming up to 50 cumecs at the end of last week (lucky we didn't get a big flood)!!!

The cicadas have been chirping madly with the humidity very high .... yesterday it felt like 150% humidity .... it would have been drier swimming in the river !!! My thermometer was registering 28.4 degrees celcius outside in the shade.

I managed to get out for a flick on Saturday afternoon on the Tongariro.  Had a great afternoon.  Think I landed 13 fish with a really nice fish in amongst the average summer fish. I landed one on a wetline and the others landed were nymphing.  Most took a #16 flashback pheasant tail with a couple on the bomb. The water conditions over the weekend were fantastic. A little bit of extra flow caused some good drifts for nymphs. Andrew had a few anglers in the shop on Saturday who were going to "wait" until the river got better ????  If we say it looks good then go fishing !! Changing and adapting your techniques is the key to catching fish here .... waiting until things get better is not .... quite often with the colour in the river this will aid you .... waiting until it gets too clear my hinder you.

Also have seen a few Passion Vine Hoppers in the last week.

tongariro river 13 fly fishing 18022017.jpg

(Above & Below) I landed this magnificent rainbow on Saturday afternoon. It was just so silver and fat and had nice pinky coloured fins. It looked good in the water. It put up a really good fight as well.

tongariro river 14 fly fishing 18022017.jpg

(Below) I decided to keep it to see if it was a fresh run fish. I opened it up and it was this nice orange colour to the flesh. It had roe in it but the roe sacks were about 8cm long and the roe was about the size pin heads.

tongariro river 15 fly fishing 18022017.jpg


tongariro river 5 fly fishing 18022017.jpg

(Above & Below) This was a nice fish to fight as well. It had quite a few good runs.

tongariro river 6 fly fishing 18022017.jpg

(Below) I even gave the wetline a burn and landed this one on an olive woolly bugger.  Most fish caught were like this rainbow.

tongariro river 1 fly fishing 18022017.jpg


tongariro river 10 fly fishing 18022017.jpg


tongariro river 11 fly fishing 18022017.jpg


tongariro river 12 fly fishing 18022017.jpg


tongariro river 2 fly fishing 18022017.jpg


tongariro river 3 fly fishing 18022017.jpg


tongariro river 7 fly fishing 18022017.jpg


tongariro river 8 fly fishing 18022017.jpg


tongariro river 9 fly fishing 18022017.jpg

(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from last week thanks to Louie the Fish. Louie has been up at Lake Otamangakau.  Louie writes:

Aloha ya'll!
This is one of 7 very fat rainbows and a fat brown trout I landed yesterday at Lake O, all nymphing with wee little #14 nymphs I tied myself! Awesome fights, maniacal jumps and long winded slugfest from each and every trout, with a few break offs and lost fish as well! Must be the snail & damsel nymph breakfast these trout survive on, because they are the ultimate in NZ sport trout!
Tying more nymphs as I write this!
Big O here we come!
Louie the Fish!


louie the fish lake otamangakau feb 2017.jpg

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