Tuesday 20th February 2018


1:30pm  No rain yet ... got blue sky and sunshine .... a gusty NW wind is blowing though .... still fishable at this stage. Reports of fresh run rainbows caught today in the river.


Overcast with the odd bit of rain falling at times. Humid. A bit of wind just starting to pick up as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable at 40 cumecs as of 9:00am.  This may change later in the day. 

We had quite a nice weekend weather wise.  Some good sunshine and heat in the day.  I heard quite a few cicadas yesterday.  They seem to be on/off/on/off/off/off/off/on ... nothing consistent !  Still a ton of Passion Vine Hoppers around. 

I have heard of a few good browns being caught in the Tongariro but not much else. 

(Below) The following photo is thanks to Jens Muller-Buckland who took this picture on the Tongariro River on Saturday evening. 

jens tongariro river sunset evening 17022018.jpg

(Below) I went for a Catfish down at the Tokaanu Tailrace on Saturday evening. There were quite a few Black Swans swanning around down there getting in the way and trying to get your bait !  

tokaanu tailrace catfish 1 black swan 17022018.jpg

(Below)  This thing would make the best strike indicator for fishing the Tongariro !!  An upside down Swan. Boy are they bouyant! They were plucking weed off the bottom and eating it.  They were munching on it furiously !! 

I also saw quite large schools of smelt swimming past the wharf. 

tokaanu tailrace catfish 2 black swan 17022018.jpg


tokaanu tailrace catfish 3 17022018.jpg

(Above & Below) There have been some stunning sunsets over the last week.

tokaanu tailrace catfish 4 17022018.jpg

(Below) A rather large and plump catfish that I landed. Catfishing down at the Tokaanu Wharf is a great thing to do with the family and kids.  Nothing hi-tech .... nice and relaxing watching time go by.

tokaanu tailrace catfish 5 17022018.jpg

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