A father and son


It feels like a fishy day to me. As i opened the shop this morning there were already a couple of father & son combos at the door eager to purchase their licences and stock up on flies for the day ahead. Was great to see the enthusiasm in the young guys and to see the dad's ready to pass on their knowledge.


I heard some good things on the fishing from some local boys last night. Sounds like the odd fresh bow has been pulled out over the last couple of days and there were some moving shadows in pools which had looked quiet for the last couple of weeks. It might be worth doing a bit of exploring if you're heading this way, but remember to tread softly.


I guided Steve & Des yesterday afternoon, a father and son for their first fishing together since 1995. Des who had a stroke in 2014 and only had use of one side was an absolute legend, his casting was beautiful to watch, smooth tight loops rolling out and positive as can be and really happy to see Steve learning the trade. It was great to see and made me think, as I often fish alone in solitude, spend time with your mates/family on the river, fish in groups, have fun and enjoy the banter, it makes for an awesome day.



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