Saturday 20th May 2017


Overcast, with passing showers. Strong SW, cool. The Tongariro is fishable and flowing at 40 cumecs if you are keen to brave the conditions. 

If you don't like the wind then you should have been here last week ... you know ... when the river was flooded ;-)

We are now moving into an unsettled weather period but the fish will really enjoy this and should keep moving into the rivers. The trick is to deal with the yo-yo-ing effects of the rivers being up and down.  That is where being adaptable and being prepared to change what you do or where you fish on short notice will sort the men from the boys. 

(Below) We had Greg Clark call into the shop today with rather plump looking rainbow that he caught in the Tongariro River this morning. He caught quite a few with this one being the best. He was wetlining.  Anglers have reported some superb fish coming out of the rivers so far this year ..... most of the reports of the big ones having been that they "lost" them in the fight.

greg fat tongariro rainbow 20052017.jpg


(Below) Speaking of men and boys ... most men who call into the shop with a hook stuck in them .... start to really appear like boys as these things get removed ;-).  Reminds me of a sausage coated in Tomato Sauce. The worst is when you get impaled by a fly that goes through all of your clothing before it gets you .... the trouble with that is, you can't take your jacket off to see how it is hooked !!  Just one of the hazards of fly fishing.  


tomato sauce 20052017.jpg





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