Thursday 20th July 2017


Overcast.  No wind as of 9:00am. No rain either this morning. The Tongariro is highly fishable and flowing at about 30 cumecs.

It seems that we seem to be selling more wetflies than nymphs at present. The main culprits appear to be Red and Orange Rabbits and the odd woolly buggers however the woolly buggers have slowed somewhat compared to a few weeks ago. 

Quite a few anglers are also reporting losing a lot of fish. Not only novices but also "the experts" have been busting a few off. Over the years I have encountered anglers saying this.  It seems there is a run of it and then everyone is back into landing them again.

Try going up in hook size to get a solid hookup, and if tying flies ..... if you like using small glo bugs, tie them small like you like but on a larger hook with a bigger gape. Also various theories have been bandied about, one including that fresh fish straight out of the lake have soft edges to their mouths hence the hook pulling out. Once they have been in the river a while this tends to harden and will hold the hook better. 

The school holidays has seen quite a few families head out for a fish.  This is good to see the family out and about having a bit of fun. I caught up with Sheryl down by the river at lunchtime and her Grandson had landed his first fish on the Tongariro.  It was a nice looking Jack too.

(Below) Sheryl writes .... Finn Ross from Taranaki winding in his first fish on the Tongariro

finn ross 1 tongariro july 2017.jpg

finn ross 2 tongariro july 2017.jpg

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