Thursday 20th August 2015


Quite a bit of rain yesterday, last night and this morning so that should make the river conditions good for wet lining and nymphing. According to the weather report looks like things should be fining up this afternoon so that might be a good time to get out there and enjoy the fishing.

Some anglers have been commenting on the number of fish around this year.  A couple of factors are at play here.  Cast your memories back over the last three years to the conditions that we have experienced, especially in the rivers. 

The rivers over the summer months experienced drought conditions..... most of you will remember the slime that was prevalent covering the rocks making the wading difficult.  The beauty of this slime is that it contains copious of nymph life in the way of caddis and mayfly nymphs .... remember the white and green caddis's working well over these years ??? Also with the calm stable river flows (lack of floods), this helped the production of eggs hatching and come the months of January and Feb you would have seen thousands of 2-3 inch fry on the edges of the river .... combine that with untold amounts of nymph life and you get a high survival rate (or in other words plenty of food for the young ones)..... also cast your minds back from the February's through to the Aprils and you were catching upwards of 20 8-10 inch juveniles if you were nymphing or dry fly/droppering ...... the fish I called River Rodents or Subway fish. The planets aligned to produce this. 

The other factor this year is that it has generally been wetter earlier in the season and also throughout the season which has encouraged the fish to move with these extra flows.



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