Tuesday 20th October 2015


As my kids were eating their breakfast this morning I heard my son singing "rain rain go away come again another day" So you can all graciously thank him for this splendid weather! Out our way it looked like the rain was a coming, but not anymore! The sun is shining, and its lovely and warm (in the sun away from the wind). After talking to a few anglers, its the wind that is making the fishing hard. Plenty of fish to catch, one gentleman came in and said that last night he went out for a fish, in an hour her managed to get 5 fish (catch and release), but he said the wind deterred him from continuing as it was far to windy. So maybe I need my son to teach how to sing the wind away.

We have a nice long weekend coming up this weekend, Monday off for many people, so hopefully the Met-service has it wrong and it isn't rainy like its predicted to be. Might be a good idea to take advantage of the sunny weather and enjoy some fishing in a sheltered spot while the sun is out. 

I had Bill Grace in this morning, he took his client out this morning to try a little bit of jigging and managed to get this big boy. We weighed it in at 8.5 pounds, Graham (the client) was a very happy chappy to hear how big it was as I'm pretty sure any one would be. 



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